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Author: richard

largest types of ship

Top 7 Largest Ship Types Of The Oceans

Many types of ships help transport people, goods and commodities around the world. These ships carry 90% of all cargo and commodities. They contribute to a vibrant world economy based upon the competitive advantage of each trading nation. Marine vehicles can be small boats or…

best comedy series of all time

Top 10 Best Comedy Series Of All Time

Why do people watch comedy sitcoms series? Perhaps this is best summed up nicely by BoJack Horseman. He declared that “when people get home from a long day of “getting kicked in the urethra”, you just want to watch a show about good likeable people…

scariest movies of all time

Top 10 Scariest Movies Of All Times

Are you one of those who like to watch a horror movie? Do you like to feeling scared throughout the movie? Studies have found that you are likely to watch such movies for pure entertainment and fun. The studies indicated that you are actually not…

notting hill

Top 10 Funniest Romantic Comedy Movies Of Modern Times

Since the old times, watching a play or movie had been a major pastime for many people all over the world. In the Internet age, many other activities have emerged to snatch people away from watching movies. This include blogging, playing online games, online shopping…

best hybrid cars below 40k in 2020

Top 10 Hybrid Cars Under USD40,000 You Can Buy In 2020

Hybrid cars are fitted with a conventional engine together with a electrical battery and motor. Hybrid cars use less fuel than conventional cars. During a hybrid car brakes, it can utilise the kinetic energy to recharge the battery. Therefore, you can get 50 mpg with…


Best Electric Cars You Can Buy For Under USD50K In 2020

For most car makers, it seems that the future automobiles are electric. Most car makers now has an electric car model or are testing one for launch in the immediate future. Consumers are spoilt in having so many choices. Do you prefer power, acceleration, ease…

best electric cars in 2020 below 100k usd

Top Electric Cars You Can Buy For USD 100K In 2020

Major car makers have focused a lot of interest in building and selling electric cars. To them, it appears that the future car is electric. An electric car produces no emission at all. More and more people are getting edgy at the appalling prospect of…

best romance novelists

10 Best Romance Novel Writers Of Modern Times

Why are Romance books are so popular? Romance fans love to have a happy ending that these novels provide. Many love these books to experience the fluttering and innocent feeling that makes them warm and fuzzy. For many, it gives them an experience of a…


Top Factors To Think About When Buying A New Car

Owning a car nowadays is a necessity in places where public transport is not available or reliable. So at some stage of your life, you will need to decide to purchase a car. It can be a used car which is more affordable. After using…


Top Likely Scenarios For Brexit by UK In 2020

A majority of the British people voted for “Leave” in the EU membership Referendum of 2016. However UK was not able to leave as the negotiated Leave package by PM Theresa May did not have the support of Parliament. Her successor as PM, Boris Johnson…


The 10 Funniest Books Written After 2000

Nestling down with a book can be a really rewarding use of one’s time. Reading a funny book can be even more rewarding. So we compiled a list of the most funny books written in the modern era after the advent of the new millennium….

best investors of all time

The Greatest 10 Investors Of All Time

These people may look like ordinary folks. But they are part of the list of the greatest investors of all time. The creme de la creme of the financial world. Go through the list and vote for the one that you think deserves the title….

malaysia reit

Top 10 Factors To Think About When Investing In A Malaysian REIT

Real Estate Investment Trusts aka REIT invest your money into, of course, Real Estate. These could be Office Blocks, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Industrial factory or even Bungalows or houses. These properties are then rented out and the income aggregated for distribution to the REIT investors….