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Best Korean Variety Shows On Netflix Right Now

Variety shows are not only popular in South Korea but worldwide. These days, you can find subbed versions of Korean variety shows even on Netflix, but the choices may be limited.

Here are some of the best Korean variety shows on Netflix at the moment.

Please add your own answers if they can’t be found on the list. Also, vote for the top variety shows.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

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Busted is a Netflix original Korean variety show like none other. It’s sort of a mixture between a scripted detective show and genuine actions by the members.

The main cast is star-studded – Yoo Jae Suk, Se Hun, Se Jeong, Kim Jong Min, Park Min Young, Ahn Jae Wook and Lee Kwang Soo (replaced by Seung Gi). It’s possibly the most watched variety show on Netflix as well.

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Men On A Mission

Men On A Mission or also known as Knowing Brothers is one of the top variety programs in South Korea at the moment. They use a classroom concept where guests have to introduce themselves and play games with the main cast.

The main cast is also filled with top notch celebrities like Heechul, Kang Ho Dong, Sang Min, Soo Geun, Min Kyung Hoon, Young Chul and Seo Jang Hoon.

This show has exploded in popularity and has had plenty of amazing guests including idol groups like BTS, EXO, Super Junior, Twice and plenty others. Unfortunately, the episodes are not updated as quickly as compared to some other websites.

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Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast 2

Lee Hyori was one of the most popular female singers / idol members back in the day. After she left the entertainment industry and got married, she decided to star in her own show – Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast.

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Hidden Singer

Hidden Singer is a popular variety / music program on JTBC. The concept of this show is that famous singers have to compete with impersonators. They will sing behind blinds and the audience will vote based on who they think is not the actual singer.

In the final round, the audience will vote to choose the actual singer. This show started back in 2013 and it’s now on Netflix as well.

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Chef And My Fridge

This show is also known as ‘Please Take Care of my Refrigerator’. The format is that there will be two guests in each episode and they have to bring their fridge to the studio.

The chefs, hosts and guests will make comments on the ingredients or items found inside. Later, they’ll compete using the ingredients found inside the refrigerator. The winner is decided by voting.