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Best Places To Visit In Malacca – Vote For Your Favorite

Malacca is beautiful state in the country of Malaysia and is also one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites. Millions of tourists flock to Malacca every year and there are a couple of popular tourist destinations.

That being said, the mainstream tourist spots may not be the best. Do add your answers to this list if you have better suggestions.

Also, vote for your favorite places to visit in Malacca.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

Top Answers

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St. Paul’s Hill (A Famosa Fort)

Another landmark in Malacca is the A Famosa Fort which is located at the base of St. Paul’s Hill.

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Jonker Walk

Possibly the most well known area in Malacca, Jonker Walk plays host to plenty of tourists every weekend.

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Cafe Hopping

Malacca is filled with unique cafes to visit and plenty are situated in the Jonker Street area.

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Taming Sari Tower

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Duck Tours

There’s a special amphibian vehicle in Melaka that you can sit on land and on sea.

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Maritime Museum

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St. Paul’s Hill

Located nearby some shopping malls, St. Paul’s Hill is a unique detour.

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Klebang Beach

One of the only beaches in Malacca.