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Best Video Games of 2019

Video games are part and parcel of teens and even some young adults these days.

As technology improves, video games are improving alongside it. While we await XBOX Scarlet and Playstation 5, do list down your favorite video games of 2019.

Also, vote for the video games that you think are deserving to be on top.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

Top Answers

3 0

Kingdom Hearts III

2 0

Devil May Cry 5

2 0

Death Stranding

A top notch pee simulator. Made by one of the legends Kojima, Death Stranding will probably compete for the GOTY award.

2 0

Days Gone

A highly underrated game. The story starts slowly and was boring at first, but the middle and the end were GOTY material.

2 0

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Best building game of 2019 and it comes with an equally good story.

1 0

Borderlands 3

Clearly the best looter shooter of 2019. The main story wasn’t so great but the side quests are insanely good.

Balex is the man.

1 0

The Outer Worlds

The game that will rival Bethesda in the Fallout series. They were the original makers of New Vegas.

0 0

Mortal Kombat 11

0 0

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

0 0

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

0 0

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Story not so compelling but gameplay is alright.

0 0

Code Vein

Simpler version of Dark Souls if you love anime graphics.

0 0

Pokemon Sword And Shield

A new RPG by Pokemon.

0 0

Far Cry New Dawn