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Cars Normally Associated With Terrible Drivers In Malaysia

Malaysians tend to have stereotypes towards certain vehicles on the road. Some of them are regularly caught speeding or committing traffic offences. It may be because those vehicles are simply more popular and hence more noticeable.

That being said, here’s a list of cars normally associated with terrible drivers in Malaysia.

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Top Answers

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Perodua Myvi

Myvi is well known as it’s one of the most popular cars in Malaysia. It’s known to be value for money as it’s cheap and lasts pretty long.

Legend says that the Myvi is the fastest car on the road. You’ll see it flashing from behind even if you’re in a sports car.

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Twin cab users are generally known to be road bullies.

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Honda Ketam

Known to be driven by young adults who have achieved some sort of success in his / her career. It’s actually the Honda Civic but the name Ketam (crab) was given due to the shape of the backlights.

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Proton Satria

The sports car on budget.

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Toyota Vios

Another car known for speeding is Vios. It doesn’t have a big engine but it’s driven like a Nissan GTR at times.

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Toyota Alphard