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This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


1. How do I register for an account?

To register, simply use the link “Register” which is located at the top bar. You only need to key in your username, email address and your password. The first and last name sections are optional.


2. How do I submit a list?

  • The “Submit A List” button is also at the top bar. You can only submit a list if you’re logged in.
  • For each list, you need to add the title and a description of it (it can be short). You can upload a featured image below 1 mb and select a category of the list (e.g. entertainment, video games, sports and so on).
  • For answers to the list, the submission form is just below.
  • Add a name to the answer. For example, if your list is on “top 10 football players”, the answer would be a player’s name (e.g. Ronaldo). You can add a comment as to why you chose the answer. Similarly, you can also add an image for each answer as long as the file is below 1 mb.
  • You can add as many answers as you want. Just click on “Add Another” to add more answers.


3. What kind of lists are prohibited?

Generally, lists that are personal won’t be approved. For e.g. if you write on your classmate or pretty much anyone who is not a celebrity (information not available on Google), then it’s probably a personal list. They will not be approved due to privacy.

Also, lists that are generally offensive towards society will not be approved.


4. How do I edit my list?

You should be able to see the only icon at the top bar. In the icon dropdown, you will see “My List”, “List Comments” and “Edit Profile”.

Go to “My List”. You will be able to edit the list by clicking the icon beside the title of the list.


5. Can I edit someone else’s list?

If you wish to edit someone else’s list, you generally can’t.

However, the exception is that you can add answers to their lists. This feature is provided for you to give better answers if you disagree with the list.


6. How do I add answers to someone else’s list?

Just like number 5, to add answers to other users’ lists, you can use the “My List” section.

Click on the icon beside the list title inside the “My List” section to add answers.

You will see that the title, description, category and featured image are locked. You can however add answers at the bottom (together with images if necessary).


7. How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, go to the icon on the top bar menu. The “Edit Profile” link is in the dropdown menu.


8. How does voting work?

At the moment, voting is quite simple. You can vote as many times as you want on different answers, but you can’t vote twice on the same answer.

The answer with the highest votes will go to the top. The remaining answers will be sorted according to votes as well.

This feature may be upgraded in the future.


9. How do I comment on answers?

You can comment on answers directly as there’s a button beside each answer in any list. Commenting is for registered users.


10. How long will lists, answers and comments be pending approval?

Generally, it should be within a day before you find out if something has been approved. If it remains pending after a long time, it means it wasn’t approved (or a small probability that it was overlooked).


11. Copyright

If you’re the copyright owner of images, texts, or other forms of media, please let us know if you need them removed.



At the moment, the “List Comment” section is only for the admin to make approvals for pending comments. We strive to make the website more user friendly in the future.


13. My List

The “My List” section allows all users to see all of the lists that are pending and approved. All users can add answers to any list, but all approvals will be done by the administrator. Additionally, only the administrator(s) can fully edit a list including the title and description.