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Funniest Episodes In Knowing Brothers (Men On A Mission)

Knowing Brothers is one of the top variety shows in South Korea now and has overtaken Running Man in viewership locally. The concept of the show is that the members and guests are all based in a classroom. The first part of the show is always on guessing the right answer for questions given by guests.

After the first part, there’ll usually be a second part where they do role-playing. The main cast are Kang Ho Dong, Soo Geun, Heechul, Kyung Hoon, Jang Hoon, Sang Min and Young Chul. There has been plenty of popular guests on the show so far, including top actors and idol groups like BTS, EXO (and the list goes on).

What made the show succeed is probably the chemistry between the members, and although they’re all so different individually, they fit so well together.

Here are some of the funniest episodes in Knowing Brothers (Men On A Mission) so far. Do add your own answers if they’re missing and vote for the top ones.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

Top Answers

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Episode 85 (EXO)

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Episode 94 (BTS)

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Episode 27 (Twice)

Twice came for the first time in episode 27, which had some funny moments like Tzuyu getting no screen time because she sat with Young Chul. Also, the girls pranked Jang Hoon.

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Episode 84 (Red Velvet)

Episode 84 was the first time Red Velvet showed up in Knowing Brothers with Irene. They came earlier in episode 21 without her.

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Episode 124

This episode was when Lee Seung-gi just came out of the military service.

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Episode 55

This episode had Mamamoo and Kyung Hwan, and needless to say, Mamamoo slayed it. It’s probably the same episode where Heechul made fun of Hwasa’s mulberry lip color.

12 0

Episode 133

Haha made his appearance in this episode with Noh Sa Yeon and it was definitely hilarious from the start.

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Episode 52

Jin Se Yeon made an appearance in episode 52 and had Heechul flirting the entire time.

10 0

Episode 41

Episode 41 was when the middle aged ladies came for the Chuseok special, which continued to episode 42. It’s one of the funny episodes especially with Park Mi Sun flirting with Heechul.

7 0

Episode 48

This episode featured Kangta and the duo Davichi. They had some hilarious moments teasing Davichi’s new song, pretending to be praying at a temple.