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Category: Auto

best hybrid cars below 40k in 2020

Top 10 Hybrid Cars Under USD40,000 You Can Buy In 2020

Hybrid cars are fitted with a conventional engine together with a electrical battery and motor. Hybrid cars use less fuel than conventional cars. During a hybrid car brakes, it can utilise the kinetic energy to recharge the battery. Therefore, you can get 50 mpg with…


Best Electric Cars You Can Buy For Under USD50K In 2020

For most car makers, it seems that the future automobiles are electric. Most car makers now has an electric car model or are testing one for launch in the immediate future. Consumers are spoilt in having so many choices. Do you prefer power, acceleration, ease…

best electric cars in 2020 below 100k usd

Top Electric Cars You Can Buy For USD 100K In 2020

Major car makers have focused a lot of interest in building and selling electric cars. To them, it appears that the future car is electric. An electric car produces no emission at all. More and more people are getting edgy at the appalling prospect of…


Top Factors To Think About When Buying A New Car

Owning a car nowadays is a necessity in places where public transport is not available or reliable. So at some stage of your life, you will need to decide to purchase a car. It can be a used car which is more affordable. After using…


Top Cars Under RM50,000 In Malaysia You Can Buy Today

Having a car is no longer a luxury in Malaysia. It has become a necessity for transportation needs for many families. In fact it is common for Malaysian families to have 2 or more cars. Malaysia has 2 national car makers which cater very well…


Top Pick-up Trucks In Malaysia

Are you looking for a robust high seated vehicle which also provides a big accessible cargo space for your business. And it should also be able to carry 4 other passengers quite nicely? The vehicle should also be capable of off-road handling over untarred ground….


Best Cars To Buy Under A Million In Malaysia

With the Ringgit being much weaker than the US, it’s not uncommon that prices of cars here are much more expensive. To add to that, Malaysia also has one of the highest taxes on cars, driving the prices much higher than it is overseas. For…


Best SUVs Under RM150k In Malaysia

Malaysian drivers are generally not trend-setters. In the SUV arena, Malaysians are embracing the SUV trend which was popularized in the USA. SUVs have become a key consideration whenever a vehicle purchase decision is being made. SUV are sporty and a commanding height which is…


Best MPV in Malaysia under RM100k

MPV are very popular in Malaysia especially among those with bigger families. Most MPV are able to seat 7 persons and often are flexible in offering large spaces for luggage and bags as well. If you are in the market for a MPV, please consider…

best cars in malaysia under 100k

Best Cars In Malaysia Under RM100,000

Owning a car enhances your personal and family mobility tremendously. Owning a car is still therefore one of the top priority despite the pricey tag for a car in Malaysia. You may like to consider one of the listed cars below. If you are aware…


Best Sports Cars You Can Buy In Malaysia Under RM300,000

Owning a sports car is almost every guy’s dream, be it in Malaysia or not. Unfortunately, due to the high excise tax on cars, sports cars are really not affordable for the bulk of Malaysians. We’re paying at least double of what others are paying…


Top Ten Reasons Why Future Buyers Choose An Electric Car

The Electric Car is fast gaining ground lost by the petrol or diesel car. From concerns of environment protection to the stylish upmarket models quickly churned out by giant car makers, buyers nowadays are spoilt for choice when making EV purchases.

porsche taycan

Best Electric Cars for New Car Buyers

If you are interested in protecting our environment, one of the first cars that you will buy next is an Electric car. Operated by a rechargeable battery powering an electric motor, the electric car is fast replacing the internal combustion car in many countries around…


Cars Normally Associated With Terrible Drivers In Malaysia

Malaysians tend to have stereotypes towards certain vehicles on the road. Some of them are regularly caught speeding or committing traffic offences. It may be because those vehicles are simply more popular and hence more noticeable. That being said, here’s a list of cars normally…