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Best Gyms In Malacca Town

Malacca is a small town in Malaysia and a well known UNESCO Heritage Site. As it’s much smaller and the demand for gyms is less than in Kuala Lumpur, there aren’t too many options to choose from. Here are some of the best gyms in…

malaysia reit

Top 10 Factors To Think About When Investing In A Malaysian REIT

Real Estate Investment Trusts aka REIT invest your money into, of course, Real Estate. These could be Office Blocks, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Industrial factory or even Bungalows or houses. These properties are then rented out and the income aggregated for distribution to the REIT investors….

recession proof businesses

Best Recession Proof Businesses To Look At

Recession is part of a business cycle and typically occurs once every decade or so. It occurs when there are two or more consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. As it’s not something truly avoidable, here are some recession-proof businesses to look at. Add your…


Top 10 Ways To Survive An Economic Recession

A recession is dreaded by most working people in all countries. Yet it is an unavoidable phenomenon in the economic life-cycle of the financial world. One really cannot escape a recession. You can however mitigate its full impact by taking preparatory steps. A recession is…