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Highest Bounties In One Piece

In One Piece, bounties are issued by the World Government to capture pirates / fugitives dead or alive. They are issued according to how dangerous they are to the World Government. It’s also a way to determine how strong the pirates are. The higher the…


Strongest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a professional sport created by an American company. Throughout the years, many fans from all around the world adore WWE, while critics will say that everything is scripted. While some things may be scripted (acting and outcome), the action require…


Best Places To Have Cendol In Malacca

Cendol is a dessert that consists of ice shaving and contains some green rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup (Gula Melaka). This dessert is especially popular in South East Asia, and Malaysia is one of the well known countries to have it….


Strongest Characters In Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of those iconic anime during the time of Dragon Ball Z. The anime finished many years ago but is still remembered by many who grew up in that era. In terms of strength and power, we were introduced to the…