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Top 10 Best Comedy Series Of All Time

Why do people watch comedy sitcoms series? Perhaps this is best summed up nicely by BoJack Horseman. He declared that “when people get home from a long day of “getting kicked in the urethra”, you just want to watch a show about good likeable people who love each other – where no matter what happens, at the end of 30 minutes, everything’s gonna turn out OK”.

Can you agree that this is also the reason why you watch comedy series. If you are, you are not alone. Sitcoms have been shining light for TV networks. So popular!

A sitcom (or situation comedy) is a funny TV show with a realistic setting like in the home or restaurant where a regular cast of characters cracks jokes from week to week. So relevant are sitcoms that for a long time, people have planned their weekend nights around watching “The Mary Tyler Moore show”.

Please have a look at the list of comedy sitcoms that have ruled the airwaves for decades. If add to the list any other sitcom which in your opinion should be there. Please also vote for your favorites.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

Top Answers

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‘Friends’ … 1994 – 2004

“Friends” was an immensely popular sitcom which starred Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer. The show was about 6 friends who lived in NYC. All ten seasons were immensely successful with the film’s ratings all within the top ten of the final TV season ratings. All 6 main actors were financially well rewarded. The series is one of the most popular TV series of all time during its entire 10-year run.

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The Simpsons (1989– )

This is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening. The series centred on the Simpson family who lived in a fictional town of Springfield and poked fun at American culture and society. This series revolves around a dysfunctional family. It was so popular that it became a prime time show. It was voted into the Top 30 ratings in the 1989 season.

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The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970–1977)

This series was an American TV sitcom which starred ….. who else but the immortal Mary Tyler Moore. She played an associate producer in the fictional news network. Her role as a single, successful and independent career woman is crucial to the show being cited as the defining force in the feminism wave of the time.

The show with its complex and realistic characters together with simple plots was widely acclaimed. It received many Primetime Emmy Awards. It also launched other successful spin-offs and was remembered by being listed as one of the best written TV series of all time.
Moore also won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a comedy series three times.

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Frasier 1993 – 2004

Frasier was an American TV sitcom which continued the post-CHEERS story of psychiatrist Frasier Crane. He had returned to settle in his hometown of Seattle. Here he re-invented his life as a radio advice show host at the same time reconnecting with his father and brother and making new friends. The show was well received with the show and its cast winning a combined record of 37 Primetime Emmy Awards.

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All in the Family (1971–1979)

All in the Family was a sitcom about the life of a working class father and his family. It used taboo topics of the time such as racism, anti-Semitism, infidelity, rape and many other contentious topics within its plots. By depicting such controversial topics in the show, the show gained acclaim as one of TV most influential comedy programs.
All in the family is often regarded in the US as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

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‘Modern Family’ 2009-.

“Modern Family” is an American TV family sitcom. The shows focused on lives of Jay Pritchett and his family. Jay and his family lived in suburban Los Angeles. The hilarious interactions were centred on the Pritchett family which includes his second wife, their son and his stepson as well as his 2 adult children and their husbands and children.
The final and eleventh season was shown in September 2019.

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Seinfeld (1989–1998)

This is an American TV series shown by NBC about the Seinfeld and his friends. The show focused on his personal life. Jerry Seinfeld led the cast. The set was shot mainly in an apartment building and the theme was about the minute details about his everyday life. It is often described as a “show about nothing”. Yet it is widely regarded as one of greatest sitcoms of all times. Several magazines publications have ranked it as one of the best TV shows of all times.

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‘Arrested Development’ … 2003 -2006

“Arrested Development” was an American TV sitcom which followed a formerly wealthy dysfunctional family. The show highlighted numerous running gags and catchphrases. Arrested Development was filmed primarily in Culver City and Marina del Rey. The film contained hand held camera work, voice-over narration, archival shots and historical footage.
The show did not really enjoy good ratings. However Netflix has licensed new episodes for its video streaming service. It is currently into the fifth season.

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‘Parks and Recreation’ … 2009 – 2015

Parks and Recreation was a political satire sitcom about a bubbly, middle-level bureaucrat (played by Amy Poehler) in the Parks Department of a fictional town in Iowa.
After gaining a mixed review of its first season, and a corrective re-alignment of the show was done. Its subsequent seasons were positively acclaimed. VIP politicians also made cameo appearances to the film.

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‘I Love Lucy’ 1951 – 1959

This show was an American TV sitcom which starred Lucille Ball with her real-life husband Desi Arnaz. She played the part of a middle class housewife and he was a bandleader in his nightclub. Lucy and her friends who were constantly hatching plans for her to appear alongside her husband or be a part of the show business.
” I love Lucy” was the most watched show in the US in four of the six seasons. It was voted the best TV show of all time in a 2012 survey by ABC news and People magazine.