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Top 10 Hybrid Cars Under USD40,000 You Can Buy In 2020

Hybrid cars are fitted with a conventional engine together with a electrical battery and motor. Hybrid cars use less fuel than conventional cars. During a hybrid car brakes, it can utilise the kinetic energy to recharge the battery.

Therefore, you can get 50 mpg with a hybrid instead of a more mundane 33 mpg. This means that you save money on fuel. If fuel is expensive, the savings are likely to be more substantial. This can mean that the higher initial price of the hybrid can be justified.

A hybrid eliminates the limited range of the fully electric car. A electric car can deplete the stored energy in the battery while a hybrid car continues to operate with the engine and the fuel in the tank when the battery runs out. However hybrid will not perform as well as its fully conventional engine car.

Also you need to think about the replacement cost of the battery which can last about 5-10 years.

Here are some of the best hybrid cars you can get below USD 40,000 in the year 2020.

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Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid. Price USD29K, Battery 1.5 KWh; 46mpg; total power 184hp

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Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime Hybrid. Price USD28K, electric range 25 miles ; 55 mpg

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Honda Clarity Hybrid

Honda Clarity Hybrid Price USD28K, electric range 53 miles ; 42 mpg

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Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid. Price USD40K; 48 mpg

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Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry 2.5L Hybrid. Price USD30K, 52 mpg

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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. Price USD27K, electric range 27 miles; 47 mpg

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Kia Optima Hybrid

Kia Optima Hybrid. Price USD36K, electric range 28 miles; 42 mpg