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Top Cars Under RM50,000 In Malaysia You Can Buy Today

Having a car is no longer a luxury in Malaysia. It has become a necessity for transportation needs for many families. In fact it is common for Malaysian families to have 2 or more cars.

Malaysia has 2 national car makers which cater very well to those in the B40 as well as M40 groups.

Those buying their first cars can have an unlimited choice of used cars available. However they may also choose to buy new cars.

With a budget of RM50K, they can choose the following cars in the list below.

Please vote for the car that is most suitable for you. If the car you find suitable is not in the list, please add to the list for others to vote.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

Top Answers

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Proton Persona

Priced from RM43K, this sedan is available with a 1.6L engine. It has generous boot space suitable for bigger families.

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Kia Picanto

Costing from RM47K, this Korean made hatchback comes with a 1.2L engine.

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Proton Iriz

This Proton hatchback is priced from 36K onwards. It is available with a 1.3L and 1.6L engine.

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Perodua Bezza

Costing from RM34K onward, you can have either 1.0L or 1.3L engine. Another top seller from Perodu,a which is Malaysia’s second national car maker, this sedan comes with a generous boot space suitable for families.

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Proton Saga

Priced from RM33k, this sedan is powered by a 1.3L engine. It is widely hailed as the first Malaysia’s national car. This car is the third generation of the series continuously produced since 1985.

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Perodua Myvi

Priced from RM42K onwards this hatchback comes with either a 1.3L or 1.5L engine. This car has successively been Malaysia’s best selling hatchback for a few years.