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Top Factors To Think About When Buying A New Car

Owning a car nowadays is a necessity in places where public transport is not available or reliable. So at some stage of your life, you will need to decide to purchase a car. It can be a used car which is more affordable.

After using a used car for some time, you may want to buy a new car. Or you may like to buy a new one straightaway.

So we draw a list of key factors which you may need to consider when choosing the car. The list may not be exhaustive. If you find that an important item is not in the list, please add to the list.

Please add comment as necessary and vote for your most important factor.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

Top Answers

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Initial Cost of the car.

First time buyers, who have a limited budget, have to consider this seriously. After all the price can range from RM24K onwards to more than RM200K.
In many countries, you can own a car without paying the full price in cash up front. You can get a loan to finance the car purchase.
However you need to have a small cash sum to make an initial deposit and first payment. The buyer then has to make monthly repayments towards the loan. You have to consider whether you are able to service this loan considering that you have to spend on other expenditures. For many young people, this can be daunting especially when salaries are not sufficiently high.

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Fuel Consumption

How many kilometers can you get per liter of fuel from the car? This is important since it can be a big number especially when one has to drive many miles every day. This can total up to RM200 – RM 500 per month since petrol prices are RM2 per liter and above.

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Engine capacity or Acceleration

Engine capacity or Acceleration
A larger power will generally provide better acceleration rates of the car. For trendy youngsters, a speedy car that will outrun the others, after the light turns green, may be more appealing.

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Latest Technology and interior instrumentation

3. Latest Technology and interior instrumentation
Does the car have the latest technology? Is the instrumentation and gadgetry of the latest trend? Can your voice command certain aspect of the car operation? Is it equipped with anti-collision alarms? Can it park by itself?

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Maintenance costs and After-Sales service

Are spare parts readily available? Is the service centre fees affordable and is it available in your locality? Is it using normal mineral oil or synthetic oil. All these will determine the total maintenance cost to keep your car in good condition.

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Looks, Sedan or hatchback

Does the car look elegant and appealing? This is subjective and generally as they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What about you?
Sedans provide more generous boot space than hatchbacks. This is important if you are married and intending to have a big family. Hatchbacks are generally more sporty and generally easier to park.

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Reliability of the car

Many people continue to be attracted by the Brand which is perceived to be more reliable. You will need to research this on the internet if you consider reliability a top priority.