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Top Ten Devil Fruit Abilities In One Piece

Devil Fruits are unique fruits in One Piece that will give the user special abilities, like Luffy’s rubber form. The downside is that it somehow prohibits the user from being able to swim, as can be seen many times in the anime / manga.

There are three different types of Devil Fruits in the series – Paramecia, Zoan and Logia.

Here are the top ten (or more) strongest Devil Fruit abilities shown in One Piece so far. Do add your own answers if you can’t find them in the list. Also, vote for the Devil Fruit power you think is the strongest in the series.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

Top Answers

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Tori Tori no Mi

This one is held by Marco, the first commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He can transform into a phoenix with blue flames.

His fruit is so powerful that Marco can heal just by turning into a phoenix. He is also not touchable by normal weapons or attacks, unless they are clad with haki.

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Hito Hito no Mi

This ability is currently held by Sengoku and he used his ability once during the Marineford saga.

He transforms into a huge daibutsu and creates shockwaves using his palm. Sengoku clearly showed his DF strength when he blasted Blackbeard and his crew.

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Yami Yami No Mi (Blackhole)

This is Blackbeard’s original DF and it allows him to create blackholes. He also used his ability to absorb Whitebeard’s power after the latter died. Blackbeard now holds both Gura Gura no Mi and Yami Yami no Mi.

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Pika Pika no Mi (light)

Pika Pika no Mi is the DF that gives the user the power of light. This one is held by Admiral Kizaru, who has shown his power multiple times in the manga. He attacks at the speed of light and is capable of causing blasts using his light power.

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Magu Magu no Mi (magma)

Admiral Akainu holds this devil fruit and he can become or control magma. His powers are probably stronger than the Mera Mera no Mi as magma triumphs over fire.

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Gura Gura no Mi (earthquake)

Whitebeard used to possess this devil fruit and it gave him the ability to ‘shatter’ almost anything. In the Battle of Marineford, he caused a tsunami just by ‘shattering’ the water. His earthquake powers also broke down many structures in Marineford.

Previously held by the world’s strongest man, this devil fruit ability is also one of the best.

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Goro Goro no Mi (electricity)

Enel from Skypiea used this devil fruit and it granted him the ability to create lightning / electric attacks. His powers are actually very strong, but seem useless as he went against his main weakness, rubber. Luffy was the only one who could defeat him at the time simply because their devil fruit abilities are the total opposite.

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Ope Ope no Mi (Law)

Ope Ope no Mi is the DF held by Trafalgar Law and is arguably one of the strongest abilities around. He can create a big room / space and everyone inside of it is under Law’s control. He has shown many times what he can do with his powers, like chopping people up and joining them with one another however he likes.

Law also teleported and changed positions with Luffy when fighting Doflamingo.

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Mera Mera no Mi (fire)

This DF was one held by Ace but is currently used by Sabo, the 2nd in command of the Revolutionary Army. He is also Luffy’s ‘brother’.

The Mera Mera no Mi is one of the stronger Logia devil fruits around, and only few can counter it. The magma devil fruit is likely stronger than this one.

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Hobi Hobi no Mi (toy)

Candy who was part of the Dressrosa Arc had the Hobi Hobi no Mi ability. She could transform people into toys and erase their memories. It’s quite a devastating ability to have as the user can create an army.

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Hie Hie no Mi (ice)

The former admiral Kuzan had this ability and he could control or turn into ice. During Marineford, he turned the tsunami caused by Whitebeard into ice using his ability.

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Moku Moku no Mi (smoke)

Vice admiral Smoker has this ability and he can transform into smoke or create smoke. In the movie Stampede, his ability clashed with Sabo’s Mera Mera no Mi and they were quite equal.