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Top Ten Funniest Episodes In Running Man

Running Man is a variety show in South Korea that has been going on since 2010. Members of the show typically play games and make everyone laugh, especially viewers.

In most episodes, they also have guests that will come on the show, either to promote their movie / new song or just to fit the theme.

While there are plenty of hilarious episodes on Running Man (since they’ve been around for 9 years), here are some of the funniest episodes on Running Man to date.

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Top Answers

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Episode 354 (Japan Haunted House)

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Episode 261 (Haunted School)

This episode was shown during the Running Man anniversary and members had to enter the haunted school to find their name tag.

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Episode 213 (Female villains)

This episode was when they invited female guests who typically act as villains in TV shows or movies.

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Episode 163

This episode was when they invited some Big Bang members (GD, Daesung and Seungri). The mission was to win Ji Hyo’s heart in a series of games.

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Episode 162

Episode 162 featured a very long opening where members of Running Man individually joined another idol group to perform in the intro. The intro alone was over 15 minutes long.

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Episode 63

Episode 63 was when a big group of SNSD members came to Running Man to play a couple race. Six members came – Seohyun, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Yuri and Taeyeon.

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Episode 409

This episode featured many guests including Bo-ra, Eun-jung, Jennie, Jisoo, Chi-yeul and Ye-jin.

Episode 409 featured many funny moments, especially in the beginning and also during the haunted house game.

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Episode 72

Episode 72 was the first episode where the members went to Hong Kong to participate in a race. They were joined by Yong Hwa and Lee Min-jung.

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Episode 69 (Grasshopper Hunting)

Episode 69 was when Choi Min Soo came to the show to exact revenge against Yoo Jae Suk for his betrayal in a previous episode. Jae Suk is known to be a grasshopper which is why the episode was called Grasshopper Hunting.

5 0

Episode 15

This episode was the one where the members had to raise Ji Hyo’s heartbeat. The guests were Tony and Kim Kwang-kyu.