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Top Ten Reasons Why Future Buyers Choose An Electric Car

The Electric Car is fast gaining ground lost by the petrol or diesel car. From concerns of environment protection to the stylish upmarket models quickly churned out by giant car makers, buyers nowadays are spoilt for choice when making EV purchases.

The items in this list have been selected by the author of the list for you to vote and comment on.

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Initial cost of purchase

Despite the higher initial costs of the EV compared with conventional cars, new buyers like you may be tempted now especially when cost of the EV has become lower drastically in the recent years.

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Environment credentials

In a rapidly changing and environmental degrading world, the wise buyer is prudent to project an environment friendly image. While the petrol car will leave a big carbon emission mark on the environment, the electric vehicle (EV) leaves none.

So an EV will help to burnish your environmental credentials. Your bragging rights are environmentally huge despite the relatively more pricey initial cost of your new EV.

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Technology and Performance

Electric cars come with the latest technology. An average EV can easily outperform an expensive petrol when it comes to zooming from 0 to 100 Km.p.h. Such impressive performance and silence of the EV will astound most people who are used to petrol ones. You may be astounded as well.

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Range of the electric car

The early EV were restricted to merely cars for daily trips to the market and schools. Early cars only have range of less that 100 km before they need to be recharged. Now with ranges pushing the 400 km range, EVs have now become more acceptable in this area.

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Battery Replacement

Battery used to bulky. They need to be replaced after a period of service. Their replacement cost can obliterate all your savings. Recent advances in battery performance and cost have made this more affordable.

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EV supporting Infrastructure

The infrastructure of supporting charging stations is becoming better as the world adapts to the emergence of the EV. Charging stations have mushroomed in many countries including USA, China and Europe. What was once a major stumbling block for new EV buyers have become a smaller concern.

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Superchargers availability

EV used to take a lot of time to recharge the battery to a near full level. . Superchargers have changed this practice. So it will take you a much shorter time to recharge and continue with your exploration or driving.

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Lower operational costs

It is much cheaper to drive the EV on electricity. So you are going to have a hefty savings on your fuel bill. In some countries you will find that this savings can offset the effects of the higher initial cost of your EV.